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My New Novelette: "Daddy, Why Are You Biting Me?"

For the Halloween season, I’m sharing a special trick-or-treat surprise. I published my first written work: a novelette entitled, “Daddy, Why Are You Biting Me?” Read Part I here, and find out how to be one of the first to read the horrifying short story!

Equal parts ghost story and mystery, this shocking tale intertwines horror-fans' favorite scary tropes with a new age perspective - guaranteed to keep its readers up at night - and an ending that will haunt you for weeks.

Halloween Horror Movie Countdown 2019

Labor Day came and went. It’s official Halloween season in my book.

Time for eating way too much junk food, pumpkin spiced everything, making costumes, going to tons of parties, getting tipsy on mulled wine, and the most important fall activity: bingeing a shit load of scary movies. To celebrate, here is this year’s Halloween Horror Movie Countdown.

Suspiria (2018) Review

I feel like Suspiria (2018) was made with me – and other camp-loving, fashion-obsessed horror junkies – in mind. Here is a movie woven together from a story about a coven of dancing witches, themes of femininity and power, grotesque visuals, iconic actors and the chicest fashions moments to ever grace a horror film. Seriously, what’s not to love?